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Vic Mosby, LEED AP 


Vic has over 25 years of experience in the architectural profession, 35 if doodles and day dreaming can be included.  As principal, he has had the pleasure to develop relationships with some of the regions most respected clients.  These personal connections have been built on three main traits;  Knowledge, Discernment and Integrity.  He has used these skills to develop a large number of projects, starting with master planning, and continuing through design, project management, contract administration for various clients and developers.  His ability to handle both small and large projects is shown throughout his portfolio.  But it all starts with “what if we did this?” and ends in the clients vision.

One of his most memorable experiences was based on one of these same visions.  A client found out that his building visibility was a significant draw to new business.  Therefore, the theme of "Building as Billboard" became the design focus.  It's success is testament to staying simple and true.

When outside the office, Vic enjoys every minute he can spend with his wife and 4 daughters.  On the lake, in the seats watching their musicals, or at dance concerts, no place better to be.  And if your family can find more diverse mascots than Kewpies, Tigers, Timberwolves, Horned Frogs, Razorbacks, and the best, Jayhawks, let him know.


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