Inquisitive, Imaginative, Innovative – We are a creative services firm rooted in the belief our collaborative process leads to transformative and purposeful solutions enhancing the human experience.  At ACI Boland, we believe the Journey is as meaningful as the destination.  

It’s about the Journey.



Architectural Consultants, Inc. (ACI) was founded in early 1979 and focused primarily on serving healthcare clients.  In May of 1981, ACI acquired an educational design firm called Frangkiser & Hutchens which was founded in 1950.  ACI Frangkiser Hutchens operated as the educational division of ACI for many years.

During the 1990’s and throughout the turn of the Century, our firm, like many others experienced exceptional growth.  In 1998, after two years of association, the parent company ACI/Boland, Inc. was established by the merger of Boland & Associates, and Architectural Consultants, Inc. (ACI) thus helping expand the markets we serve as well as our footprint in the Midwest.

In March 2013 as we completed the transition of ownership from the firm’s co-founders to the next generation of leadership, the firm underwent a rebranding exercise.  Going forward the entire firm will simply be known as ACI Boland Architects.

Today, ACI Boland Architects is led by five principals in two offices leading us to new roads that continue to embrace our past history while celebrating the journey of architecture and guiding us into an exciting future.



Sam Beckman
Rick Clawson
Michael Kautz
Doug Loveland
Vic Mosby