At ACI Boland Architects, we provide the services
you should expect from an architectural firm.


• ADA/JCAHO Assessments
• Campus Planning
• Certificate of Need Submittals
• Contract Administration
• Complete Architectural Services
• Cost Estimating
• Energy Evaluation
• Environmental Care Consultant
• Facility Assessments
• Feasibility Studies
• Historical Restoration
• Hospital Licensing Review

• Interior Design
• LEED Certification
• Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Life/Safety Code Analysis
• Master Planning
• Medical Equipment Planning
• Owner’s Representative
• Programming
• Site Evaluation/Selection
• Strategic Facilities Planner
• Project Management
• Value Engineering
• Zoning


We also provide services you won't typically find at most architectural firms.

Various Levels of Client Involvement.

It's your choice. Our knowledge and expertise give you the choice of being involved only at top level decisions or we can be your right hand man and walk you through every step of the process. We're here to meet your individual needs and assist you through the project journey.

Honest and Up-Front Consultation

To allow you to make the best informed decisions to meet your project objectives, we will always be straightforward when working with you. Some firms may only tell you what you want to hear; we'll tell you what you need to hear and provide options to meet and or exceed the goals of your project.


We know life doesn't always run as smoothly as you plan. Unlike other firms, we strive to anticipate problems before they happen, handle changes as necessary and work with you to resolve unexpected challenges when they do occur - all while keeping your project on target.   We will be available when you need us well beyond the completion of the project.  Our journey never ends.

Success and Speed on Project Approvals 

At ACI Boland Architects, you'll find our experience in working with municipalities, financial institutions, and government agencies mean we can successfully improve the schedule of project approvals.

We listen.

That's the reason we get it right.

We also provide many additional services that are unique to each industry  and client. To find out more, please feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail.