At ACI Boland Architects we celebrate more than just architecture.  We celebrate the journey of architecture - the ability to create not just an idea, but a vision, a thought, a canvas of imagination.  We understand the journey is never complete and strive to continuously meet the needs and challenges of our clients and the journey they embark upon daily.    Our designs and services respond to the unique journey of each project and client.  We are known for the remarkable journeys we make possible for our clients.  After all...  It’s about the Journey.

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Responding with timeless solutions.

The art of architecture is represented in everything we touch. Our belief is the best designs result from a collaborative process that seeks to envision opportunities in imaginative ways. What's more, we are a blend of specialists and strategists, envisioning, planning and making our communities a better place to live.



Designing pathways for the future.

From region to neighborhood and street to door, our unique perspective is shaped around our passion to create environments that delight the senses. 


Creating environments that inspire.

As designers we study the processes and needs of our clients to create unique solutions in harmony with the architecture that surrounds it.   The outcomes are those that embrace the buildings purpose both functionally and socially to enhance user experiences by improving their surroundings.