Employee Spotlight: Kirsten Malloy


Kirsten Malloy, LEED Green Associate
Studio: Live|Work
Education: B.F.A. Interior Design at Maryville University

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
“I love the variety of work we do in the Live|Work Studio. Each day I am faced with new challenges and opportunities, whether it be corporate, hospitality, senior living, or interior renovation – my work keeps me on my toes!”

Who inspires you
“My family and friends inspire me in many ways. My mom inspires me with her kindness and understanding, my dad’s work ethic and drive to be his best is an inspiration, and my husband, who manages to find humor in anything – are just a few who inspire me each day.”

What’s your drink of choice?
“I never turn down a glass of Pinot Grigio, but most days I consume far too much coffee.”

If ACI Boland was to open a new office anywhere in the world, where would you want to relocate?
“Florence, Italy. After studying abroad and living in Florence for a summer, I can’t wait to return… one day!”

How are you involved in the community?
“I am a co-chair for Youth in Need Young Professionals Group. I love the work they do in the community for solving a variety of issues that face youth and families.”

Real talk… who has the best BBQ?
“Dana’s BBQ in Branson, MO. Yep, my inner B-Town girl is coming out!”

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