Meet a Member - Connie Lauer

Interviewed by: Jessica Morrow

In 1980, when Connie Lauer graduated from Architecture School at Mississippi State University, she was one of the first women in the program’s history to do so. Lauer, now an Architect at ACI Boland, has continued to leave her footprint on the Architecture field. She takes a great deal of pride in her accomplishments as a woman in a male dominated field, but there’s more to Connie than just a trail blazer for women in the Architecture industry. She is also an artist, sport’s fanatic, and cupcake lover to boot.

JM: How long have you been in the A/E/C industry?   
CL: I graduated from Architecture School (Mississippi State University) in 1980 so, 35 years.

JM: Why did you choose ACI Boland?                                                                                             
CL: My last employer referred me to them. ACI was a busy firm and there was opportunity to design my own projects.

JM: What accomplishment (work related or otherwise) are you most proud of? 
CL:To be successful in a male dominated career, when I was told early on (in High School) that I couldn’t do it.

JM: Outside of your career, what is your biggest passion?                                                            
CL: Photography.  To capture a special moment in a person’s life is awesome.  I love action shots too.  I recently went whale watching in Newport Beach, CA and captured a great “whale tail” picture that I’m proud of.

JM: What is you favorite thing to do in Kansas City? 
CL: I love sports, so a Royals or Chiefs game is right up my alley.

JM: What is you favorite Kansas City restaurant? 
CL: Jack Stack for dinner and Cupcake A La Mode for dessert.

JM: If you could spend the day in someone else’s shoes (dead or alive) whom would it be and why? 
CL: Nadia Comaneci in 1976 Montreal Olympics, she won the first perfect 10 in gymnastics. I’ve always wondered what that felt like.

JM: Tell me something about yourself that most people don’t know.  
CL: I throw big parties for family members with musical skits.  I make all the costumes and scenery and direct the whole production.  I like doing things for others that make them feel special!

JM: What's piece of advice you’d like to share?
Do something hard and/or challenging. It builds character.

JM: What’s your favorite quote or saying?
“Don’t sweat the small stuff”.