Meet a Member - Scott McMullen

Interviewed by:   Mike Brown
It was the day of an all office lunch party and all you could hear are sounds of laughter.  Scott McMullen took jeans Friday to a level that, simply put, will be unmatched for some time.  He shows up dressed head to toe as arguably the greatest movie character of all time.  You guessed it, Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, dickey and all! Before his recent knee injury, Scott spent most of his time outside of work “tearing it up” on the volleyball court.  If you ask him if his playing days are over, he will tell you with great reluctance that his future volleyball days will have to be enjoyed vicariously through his two young daughters, Sophie and Corinna.  Scott has been with his son, Connor, every step of the way lately as he will be making a big decision on where to go to college!  Connor also happens to be quite the athlete as he is considered one of the top ranked discus throwers in the region.


MB: Hey Scott, would you be ok with me interviewing you for our newsletter?

SM: Absolutely!  Can we discuss politics?? (Inside joke as our political views are wildly different, but I like him all the same)

MB: I really don’t want the entire interview to revolve around your knee, but I will do so if necessary.

SM: As long as we don’t talk about architecture the whole time.

MB: Let’s talk music for a moment, shall we?  Ready…GO!

SM: If it was sung in the 80’s, I probably know it and like it.  Although, I do believe “Rush” is arguably the best band ever.  I have gone to four Rush concerts in my life, all of which were with my son, so there’s that…

MB: Fair enough.  Let’s switch gears for a moment.  Given your house full of athletes, you must have an opinion on modern day sports.  Let’s start with the 2014 Winter Olympics.

SM: Can I just share my extreme dislike for Men’s figure skating?  There’s something about the hair and the outfits that really gets me.  I just can’t get into it.

As we are watching Olympic ski jumping Scott randomly says, “I mean, it’s like jumping off a building with a plan.”

MB: One question…LeBron James or Michael Jordan in his prime?

SM: It really all depends on the other four guys on the floor.  I will say that LeBron would not be doing what he’s doing today if Jordan didn’t do what he did yesterday.

MB: Well said.  With your permission, I would like to revisit the topic of Architecture for a moment.  What is it about this profession that excites you?

SM:  Well, I really can’t imagine doing anything else as a career.  I enjoy solving problems through design detail.  Also, not that you asked, but I think it’s important to note that I always keep in mind that I am drawing for the contractor because ultimately, they are the ones who are going to build it.

MB: Please share with me and rest of the audience 2 fun facts about you.


1.       My two favorite SNL skits involve Christopher Walken.

2.       I enjoy using carpet samples as doormats because when they get dirty I can just throw them away.

MB: Thank you for your time, sir.