Meet a Member - Robert "The" Bosley (Bob)

Interviewed by Michael MacGregor

Sauntering onto the hot seat this month is the lovable veteran Bob Bosley.  He enters the conference room, Hot Tamales in hand, with all the swagger of a 19 year old and the comedic maturity of a 13 year old (you can blame his 3 boys).  He is known for sneaking around the office like a sly fox but with the stature of Robert The Bruce—go watch Braveheart.  An avid movie and comic buff, Bob is unsurpassed in his ability to reference obscure lines from movies you not only haven’t seen, but also movies you haven’t even heard of.  You all think you know that person who knows wayyyy too much about movies, but you all haven’t met the Boz,

Bob Bosley.png

MM: So movie buff, what would be you all-time favorite movie and why?

BB: (no hesitation) It’s a Wonderful Life.  It has a simple message, one that is universal.  It shows how     everyone is important no matter what.  I’ve seen a whole bunch of movies and I always come back to that one because of the message.

MM: Pretty inspirational it sounds like, any other quotes or mantras you live by?

BB: There’s one that I think applies to architecture pretty well that I also enjoy, “We cannot solve all of our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  I think it just pushes people to use their critical thinking a bit more and also to just get outside of the proverbial box.  I also like the phrase “Winter is coming”….. (he chuckles and pops a few more hot tamales in his mouth)

MM: Is that from a movie I, of course, haven’t seen…?

BB:  No.  It’s a TV show.  Game of Thrones.  One of those cult following type of shows that people go crazy over.  Myself not included….(he pauses)

MM: I’m sensing a little sarcasm…

BB:  Yeahhh.  Tammy (his wife) and I love watching it.  Its our vice.

MM: What other vices, besides Hot Tamales obviously, do you have?

 BB:  Well I have over 4,000 comic books in my basement, so I guess you could say that’s a vice?  I’ve been collecting them for over 30 years…so it’s kind of an obsession of mine.  It basically goes family, architecture, comic books…I’m still not sure what order it goes in but I’m still young…(he offers up a subtle yet definitive wink).