Fall 2011 KAHCE Leadership Editorial

Rod Corn, ACI/ Bolands Director of Healthcare Initiatives, has written and excellent editorial about the "Reform Business Model Reinvention." Follow the link below to read the full article published in the Fall 2011 issues of KAHCE "Kansas Association of Health Care Executives" 

Leadership Editorial
Rod Corn, FACHE

Rod Corn, FACHE | Director Healthcare Initiatives 
Rod Corn, FACHE | Director Healthcare Initiatives 

In visiting with health care leaders across the Midwest, the elevated level of anxiety and stress has become quite clear in the decision-making process today. Having been a health care system executive since 1979, I recall the transition from Medicare cost based reimbursement to the Prospective Payment System causing a similar state of fretfulness among health systems leadership. Of course, most hospitals survived that era of major transition. The key difference today is the rules from which we will have to operate are grey and not yet clearly defined. The introduction of Prospective Payment System and the current state of proposed health care reform initiatives seem to have a common theme of change, that being “Reform Business Model Reinvention.